Nuiy Adams and Connie Burge


Oh…precious earth with
your swirls of blue ocean and cotton candy clouds,

Your delicate angels who
cultivate it and make it bloom,

Watering the fragile,
dew-kissed rose petals and greens,

I love you.


Thailand, with your
network of my strong roots,

As widespread as those
under the sugar palm trees,

A fine, earthy, delicate
inter-webbing of life,

The middle way of life,

Thank you for your love
as warm and bright as the Phoenix sun,

Your caring, a single,
fuzzy hug,

Your sharing community
that wraps its arms around me like a soft summer rain,

I love you.


America, the great land
of wide-open spaces,

Field of dreams and
wind-blown wheat and blue mountains,

White beaches and
skyscrapers that kiss the sky,

Friends, rugged,
independent individuals with love and wisdom,

Friends who think as
freely as the wild wind that blows across the Nebraska plains,

Breezes in from the
ocean on little rivulets of white-caps,

I love you.


Friends who choose their
paths as freely as the Colorado chooses its path down the mountains from the
Pacific Ocean,

Friends who express
themselves as freely as a raven protecting its young,

Friends who dare to like
the first brave pioneers on the Oregon Trail,

I love you.


The spirits of all the
life that have gone before me –

Ancestors, teachers,
angels on earth and in heaven, animals, plants,

With love and gratitude,
thank you for the peaceful path you left for me to follow,

The ribbons of an earthy, leafy path through the mountains,

A trampled down path where foxes pushed their way through the

Single footprints along
the wet, brown sand of the beaches of life,

I love you.