Chronology of Nuiy Adams

1955 Saisamorn Khawsook Adams (Nuiy) is born in Ban Yor, Yasothon, Thailand
1959 Nuiy’s brother Wee is born
1959 Nuiy’s father dies from malaria
1964 Nuiy’s mother remarries/ Nuiy lives with grandparents, young aunts and uncles/ Wee joins another uncle in a different village
1966 Nuiy lives with her second grade teacher in Yasothon City, serving as a nanny
1968 Nuiy’s mother divorces her second husband and returns to Ban Yor/ Noi is born/ Nuiy and Wee return to care for mom
1969 Nuiy goes to Bangkok to work with a Chinese family
1970 Nuiy goes to Korat to work with the same Chinese family
1971 Nuiy goes to Ubol province to work at Charlie’s Diner/ Nuiy is able to resume education in an English class
1973 Nuiy starts to work at John’s Diner in Ban Chang, Rayong Province/ Nuiy builds a new house for her mother in Ban Yor
1975 John’s Diner moves to Pattaya Beach/ Nuiy lives with John and his family
1978 Nuiy meets Tom
1979 Nuiy marries Tom and moves to Los Angeles/ Nuiy starts ESL classes at Woodland Hills
1980 Nuiy becomes a U.S. citizen/ Nuiy moves to Jubail, Saudi Arabia with Tom
1981 David is born in Jubail, Saudi Arabia
1983 Danny is born in Los Angeles
1984 The family moves to Yanbu, Al-Sinaiya, Saudi Arabia/ Nuiy builds an annex to her mother’ s house in Ban Yor for herself and the children for when they visit in the summer
1992 The family moves back to San Fernando Valley/ the family moves to Punta Gorda, Florida/ Nuiy enrolls in a GED program in Port Charlotte, Florida
1994 Tom returns to Saudi Arabia alone
1995 Nuiy applies for a non-immigrant visa for her mother to come visit Florida for five months
1996 Tom returns to Florida
1997 Tom moves to Phoenix/ Nuiy’s mother dies
1998 Nuiy graduates from the GED program/ Danny graduates from Junior High/ David finishes 10th grade at Charlotte High/ Nuiy and her sons join Tom in Phoenix
1999 Nuiy takes a garden tour of Europe, visiting Keukenhof, the Garden of Europe, located near Lisse Netherlands, and also visits Belgium, Monet’s Garden and the Louvre in France, and the Roland-Garros, the site of the French Open.
2000 Nuiy takes David and Danny back to the village to become Buddhist monks to honor her late mother and then discovers Raja-pracha #28, the King’s boarding school for the orphans and self-sufficiency project/ Nuiy receives a letter from another aunt about her nephew Bee, asking for help/ Bee, attending Raja pracha #28, was about to be expelled/ Nuiy placed him in the monkhood.
2002 Danny leaves home for college/ Nuiy starts to look for ways to help people back home among the Thai people in Phoenix and the Thai temple in Phoenix
2003 Danny has a breakdown in college/ Nuiy gets a job with Arizona Tennis Association teaching tennis
2004 Nuiy goes back to Ban Yor and buys land for the project site/ Nuiy starts journaling, connecting the dots and collecting autographs and good wishes from every one she meets/ Nuiy begins creating her memoir (the Earth Angel book)
2005 Nuiy takes a Creative Writing class at Scottsdale Community College/ she goes back to Thailand to build the Earth Angel Cottage Garden, begins planting native crops, flowers, fruit trees, herbs/ Nuiy visits schools, sponsors music, a poetry writing contest/ Nuiy donates shoes and sports uniforms to the school children/ Nuiy divorces Tom/ Nuiy places Bee in the monkhood for the second time/ the same day Bee officially becomes a monk, Nuiy places her brother Wee in a mental hospital/ Bee begins studying high school courses while in the monkhood/ Nuiy brings Danny to Thailand to help heal his mental illness
2006 Nuiy sells the house in Scottsdale, buys a new house in Chandler, and moves there/ Nuiy travels to Thailand continuing the project and finds the site for building the first library at Don Kayom School
2007 Nuiy creates the Earth Angel Project, LLC/ Don Kayom School library is completed/ Paradox Foundation is established
2008 Nuiy digs canals and ponds around the three and a half acres to raise fish at the project site/ she plants more local fruit trees and vines/ plants more herbs and spices/ harvests the flowers, bamboo shoots for the local markets/ prepares ground for building another library for Ban Yor school/ rebuilds kiln at Ban Yor temple for the community/ forms a Lions Club International in Yasothon Province/ starts Thai cooking demos amongst friends to raise money for the library project
2009 Nuiy sells the land in Punta Gorda, Florida, and rents out the Chandler house/ buys the Benjarong Thai restaurant in Mesa, Arizona/ begins plans for planting organic Thai herbs and flowers for local sale in Arizona, mirroring the Ban Yor self-sufficiency project