Earth Angel Project Organization, Inc.

DBA ‘Earth Angel Project Non-Profit’ (EAPNP)

– A registered Arizona non-profit corporation and a federal 501(c)(3) organization


Welcome to All Members of the World Community

We require your assistance….we need to reach beyond our business issues and address the betterment of our communities throughout the world, especially the Thai-American communities of Yasothon Province, NE Thailand.


Our Mission Statement

The ‘Earth Angel Project’ is all about preserving the culture of Northeastern Thailand and the United States of America through education and promoting health awareness throughout all villages and communities. Self-sufficiency for all villagers and community members, inclusive for all, can be achieved by invoking environmentally sound and friendly methods of sustenance farming.


Our Vision

The number one long-term vision of the ‘Earth Angel Project Non-Profit’ (EAPNP) is to see the villagers of northeastern Thailand become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. At the heart of our mission is the revitalization of the lost Thai traditions of herbal medicine and oral stories from our ancient past. It is important that our younger generation learn from the teachers and elder members of our villages, instead of learning from the endemic corrupt people of modern society.  Harvesting native crops, for example, once a profitable and proud tradition of our village land owners, is vanishing to large tapioca farms owned and operated by people who have zero knowledge and zero tolerance for our cultural ways. Preserving our local silk handicraft industry is of paramount concern as well, as our weavers enter the twilight of their lives within villages without the knowledge of who will even know how to dye precious fabrics, let alone be able to produce raw materials from nature. We want to cultivate the hearts and the youngest minds of the Province of Yasothon, NE Thailand. To that aim, in our very specific world-view, general education of the young is of utmost importantance. Our President and Director, Sk (Nuiy) Adams once lost the opportunity to be educated in her village by her elders during her life as a mother and wife.  Having lived  throughout the world on many continents, she is now very altruistically giving back to all children of her village, insuring that they have diverse and wonderful opportunities galore to keep themselves as healthy young adults when the lure of today’s corrupt modern society beckons.

A Call to Action

The ‘Earth Angel Project Organization, Inc. is a registered Arizona non-profit corporation DBA ‘Earth Angel Project Non-Profit’ and has been granted Federal 501(c)3 acceptance.  It is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for children and adults of all ages. If you can vision our vision, and have the ability to contribute, please visit our ‘secure donation page‘ today and make a small contribution by check made payable directly to the ‘EAPNP’ in either American dollars or Thailand baht as the spirit moves you. Or, you may wish to consider making the suggested donation required to secure an item of donated, operable merchandise from our ‘trade depot‘. Either way, you are blessed to consider our initiative in your daily prayers.

Current Projects and Future Initiatives

Our next goal is to provide a 3rd library to the people of Ban Naviang School. Our 2011 goal is to raise ฿1,000,000 Thai baht (THB) or $35,000 USD. In our projects, the villagers and community members are not passive recipients of our donations (time, funding, materials, and building-labor management), but are active participants with a stake in the success of their and our initiatives.

At the end of the projects, the villagers and community members receive a great sense of accomplishment and become very proud owners and caretakers of the facilities. Self-help also becomes a model for villages and communities at large to raise their standards of living as well as their moral awareness for themselves and for their children.